The Children (2008)

Well, The Children was a pleasant surprise. I’ve seen a few of the ‘Insomnia’ produced movies and some of them have been a little average but this one I have to say I enjoyed this one more than the others. It’s hardly a classic but definitely sits at a better B grade or above type movie for my thinking.

The plot revolves around a couple of families who have decided to go on a holiday together in a cabin. Casey is teenager with a real shitty teenage / goth chick attitude, and doesn’t want to hang around with her extended family on holidays.  She does her best to bring down the tone of the proceedings.

After the children are put to bed on the first night, things start to go south. One of the kids starts to get sick and bit by bit they all succumb to a  ‘possession’ of sorts. By the next morning one by one the kids start on a murderous rampage.

This movie is quite well made. The kids are a total cuteness overload (I’m a parent) and I’m a sucker for a good pommie accent. Regarding the cute kids, it really sits at odds with later developments and adds to the atmosphere. The violence and gore levels aren’t too bad at all but more importantly the film holds up well. There’s no major plot holes or instances where it looses focus or becomes boring.

Defs a solid watch and worth sourcing out if you can find a copy!

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