Year of Release2013
DirectorJames Wan

I liked the Conjuring when I first saw it. In fact I thought I had reviewed here before but it would seem I did not. Directed by ace modern horror director James Wan this is pretty quality stuff. More importantly it is responsible for setting up a whole universe of horror films, most of which are pretty good.

The Plot revolves around husband and wife ghost chasers (parananormal investigators) Ed is a demonologist… The only demonologist not ordained by the church and his wife Lorraine is a clairvoyant. The plot goes back to 1971 when a family move into their new house and are convinced the house is haunted. They beg Ed and Lorraine to investigate. The movie itself is based on real life events around Amityville. I’m not sure how closely this is related to “The Amityville Horror” but I have a feeling its the same case told from a different point of view.

After Ed and Lorraine investigate they are convinced there’s an evil entity of some sort lurking in the house, connected with a previous tennent of the house Bethsheeba who killed her own infant daughter in the house many years ago. Ed and Lorraine set out to find out what it is and how to remove or destroy it. They decide the house itself needs to be exorcised and contact the Vatican to arrange this.

Overall the Conjuring is a cool film. The usual elements of a haunted house film are all present. Some neat jump scares and possessed looking entities etc… I wouldn’t go so far as to say its on my all time classic list, but definitely worth viewing.


THe conjuring is also an important film for a couple of reasons. Not only was it the first in the widely successful Conjuring franchise, it contains the first appearance of possessed doll Annabelle and also the first appearance of the NUN even tho only really in painting form. Both of these characters also went on to be rather successful horror characters in their own rights.

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