Well, The Crazies is one i’ve been searching for a while now! Legendary horror director George A Romero (obviously known for his “Night of the Living Dead” and subsequent sequels) returns with this beauty from 1973. The film isn’t strictly horror but crosses over into sci-fi and film noir territory as well.

The premise of the film revolves around a small town, Evans City. A biological weapon has leaked, infecting innocent towns folk. This film feels oddly prophetic in these times. The disease either kills the hosts it infects or sends them murderously insane. Of course the military are called in to round up the town folk before anyone spreads the infection any further. The town is placed under martial law but thankfully a few of the townsfolk retaliate and don’t go down without a fight.

The Crazies is quite well made and a great story. It raises the issues of mankind messing with things it shouldn’t (ie: strange viruses) and then the morality behind dealing with the fallout of said experiment should it go wrong. There is some level of gore but nothing too serious. You’re essentially here for the story and its a great one. I found myself captivated for the whole duration of the film.

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