Year of Release2012
DirectorWilliam Brent
William Brent

I love a good possession film! The Devil Inside is apparently based on a true story. In the opening credits is says “the film that the Vatican didn’t want you to see”. Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. This kind of thing just makes me excited to see the movie!


The Devil Inside opens up to the grizzly scene of three murdered clergy members. Killed by housewife Maria Rossi, who is subsequently found to be clinically insane by the court and of course institutionalized. 20 years later her now adult daughter (Isabella) looks into the case again. Isabella seeks information from religious studies students about the case and reveals her mother killed the clergy while an exorcism was being carried out on her.

Isabella goes into the hospital to visit her mother and finds a shattered / heavily medicated version of her mother sitting in a catatonic state. After meeting her mother Isabella seeks help from some exorcists, who work outside the churches control. The priests (Exorcists) invite her along to view an exorcism. Her first encounter is a young woman, Rosa who has been possessed. The two priests agree to help Isabella out with her mothers case. Can the two priests help her mother? I guess from here on in there’s not a lot I can say about the plot without giving it away. You’ll just have to check the film out for yourself!


The Devil inside is a gritty look at demonic possession. Shot in part in a mock up documentary style, this is a different take on this style of film. Tie film like most of these allows the viewer to believe in demonic possession. The film itself doesn’t look look like a lot of money was spent on it. It is however very wisely spent. This is a great watch from start to finish and there are no real story holes or anything that feels like it is missing.

As far as violence and gore go, there’s nothing too intense in this film. It relies on the plot and story telling to get the scariness across. The Devil Inside did a great job of this. If you get a chance to watch this film, its definitely worth the time to watch. Id recommend it to any horror fans.

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