Year of Release1964
DirectorFreddie Francis
StarringPeter Cushing

Another Hammer horror film, this time The Evil of Frankenstein. This is a classic story and I’m sure anyone reading this will already be familiar with the premise of the story. This is the third of the Hammer films in the Frankenstein series and was made in 1964.

Briefly though, it seems to follow the traditional concept of Frankenstein closely enough, though the plot is I guess just a continuation of the story of Frankenstein rather than a retelling. The doctor, played by Peter Cushing creates the monster out of assorted corpses, brings it to life and it escapes the Frankensteins custody. Frankenstein’s activities are also noticed by the local constabulary. As a result the doctor is forced to flee town. He finds his creation dead, frozen in ice. He goes to his old mansion/laboratory to continue his work in bringing back the monster to life. There’s even some low level gore in the film, but nothing that would really make it unwatchable for anyone over 10 years old.

As always the Hammer productions, the sets and costumes are lavish. The acting is great and the dialogue is top notch. These films are always a pleasure to watch. I loved the way they recreated Frankenstein’s monster. A great look for a great monster! The Evil of Frankenstein is a great example of the style and class of the Hammer production house, and a movie that comes with my full recommendations.

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