The Gate is a classic piece of 80’s fare. I’d seen this one ages ago, probably in the 1990’s but couldn’t remember any of the finer points of the film, so it was like watching it again for the first time. The movie itself revolves around two friends, Glen and Terry who find a rock in their back yard, which when they extract it opens up a gate to hell.

The Plot

Nothing is immediately obvious as going bad, but little by little things get strange when Glen’s sister throws a party and some-one levitates. The older sister tries to play it down but it’s obvious to Glen something isn’t right. Glen’s friend Terry is a metalhead, and (conveniently) listens to a band, Sacrifix. Sacrifix’s lyrics deal with opening Gates and other demonology type themes. The movie plays well on whole fear of the devil that went on with heavy rock in the 1980s. Further adding to the cliche the pair play the record backwards to learn how to close the gate. The pair attempt to seal the gate reciting the instructions from the record. It appears the demons freed from the opening of the gate pay no heed to 80s metal lyrics, and start causing mayhem regardless. It’s of course then upto Glen, his friend Terry and his sister to see if they can fix the the problems and more importantly live through the night.

As scary as the premise sounds the movie isn’t all that severe at all. In a way it’s kind of cute. Infact, it’s something I’d feel comfortable watching with the kids. Id go so far as to say if there was a genre called “Family Horror” this would fit right in. Sometimes it’s great for the grown ups to watch an easier going horror movie where there’s nothing in the movie that would scar anyone for life!

Overall, I really enjoyed The Gate. There are some hammy moments but they’re enjoyable hammy moments. The acting is as good as it needs to be, and there’s nothing that really drags this film down. The horror effects are definitely from the 80s haha. If you need a big serving of 80’s era cheese, this is the go. It’s a fun, easy to watch and entertaining film. I had a great time watching it, and can fully recommend this film for anyone interested.

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