Year of Release2009
DirectorPeter Cornwell

The Haunting in Conneticut started off a little slow. The movie revolves around the lives of a family who have a teenager, Matt with cancer. Life is hard for the family. His mother Sarah has to travel a long way for treatment while the husband holds down the fort at home and looks after the kids.

Sarah decides to rent house near the hospital, in Conneticut. It will save hours of travel and keep them closer to the hospital. Only problem is he house has a dark history. What could happen? Right? Its not long before sick teenager Matt starts to have bad dreams and experience some strage happenings in the house.

Its not long before the rest of the family relocate to Conneticut and the supernatural occurances at the house start to become more frequent and more severe. Further investigation reveals the house was a funeral home. Tensions start to mount as the treatment for Matt, financial tensions and their fathers (Peter) drinking surface.Upon further research it would seem the place was like a conduit for spirits, with seances and necromancy practiced there. Are the apparitions out to get the family? Well I guess you have to watch the movie to find out!

Over all The Haunting in Conneticut is a pretty cool watch. Not an all time classic but a worthy way to spend a couple of hours. its not an overly gory film but has some cool supernatural effects and themes to keep you interested. The film itself is quite well shot and while the hardened gore fiends might fight this a little slow going, its really a pretty entertaining film.

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