THE OMEN (2006 remake)

Year of Release2006
DirectorJohn Moore
StarringJulia Stiles, Mia Farrow

The original “The Omen” film is one of my all time favourate films. I’d seen this version when it came out at the cinemas (we don’t get a lot of horror flicks make to the big screen here in Australia, and even when they do they’re only on for a couple of days so If you can’t make it you miss out) and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Now a little over 10 years later I thought I’d give it  re-watch and see how it goes.

This version (Also called “The Omen 666” … presumably because it was released into cinemas on the 6.6.06)  seems to follow the first version of the film fairly closely, there’s subtle differences, enough to keep it interesting but essentially its a pretty close re-telling of the original. Some would argue that the original was a masterpiece (and I’d agree with that) but this is pretty damn good too and would serve to introduce younger horror fans to a classic storyline.

Basically the plot revolves around young couple Robert and Katherine who are expecting their first baby which unfortunately dies in the childbirth process… one of the priests at the hospital they had their child at suggests to Robert that he take an unclaimed baby as their own without the mother knowing her own child had died. Only problem is the child turns out to be the son of Satan … and of course a series of mysterious events and deaths follow in the child’s wake. People start to notice there is something “up” with Damien including a photographer, Damien’s mother and of course the priest that suggested the swap in the first place. Can they stop young Damien from becoming the living embodiment of Satan on Earth? Well that’s up to you to watch the movie and find out!

Overall I was really happy with this while there’s no major reason to watch this one as opposed to the original (they are pretty similar) this is well done and in my opinion doesn’t damage the quite formidable legacy of the original film. Younger audiences may find this one easier to watch than the original as it basially moves with the time and has a more modern sense about it. Fans of the old film will still like this as it has that old biblical feel about it (the original film was heavily referenced to the book of revelations in the Holy Bible) which gives it that arcane / well researched feel, which does add an air of creepiness to proceedings. 

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