Year of Release1982
DirectorAmy Holden Jones

Was Sunday afternoon and I was in the mood for something I didn’t have to think too hard about. The Slumber Party Massacre looked to be just the ticket! The film opens up with a rather cute young lady Trish who is 18 and left to stay home alone for the weekend. There was also some radio mention of a serial killer on the loose in the opening scenes. Just the ingredients we need for a good old fashioned slasher flick!

The film kicks off with a particularly overdrawn shower scene where the girls basketball team all get a chance to show off their assets. Great stuff indeed. They’re planning a girls only slumber party at one of the girls house. The girls boyfriends catch on and plan to give the girls a bit of a scare.

The slumber party commences. All cliche’s that could be used, are used, to glorious effect. The boys are hanging around getting all stalky in that innocent 80’s way. As is usual in these types of film, teenage promiscuity leads to death by slasher and shit hits the fan in a huge way! Do the girls survive? Well again you’ll have to watch the film to find out!


The story line of The Slumber Party Massacre is not too difficult to follow. Lots of cute 80s chicks (who miss no reasonable excuse to go topless) make this one easy on the eyes too. The gore is not too over the top and lots of cheesy jump scares. Overall this movie is a cool package with some level of suspense and most importantly an enjoyable watch. I have to say I enjoyed the film a lot. It’s an instantly likeable sugar hit for horror fans.

I since researched a bit about the film and it was intended as a spoof on the horror / slasher flick (and I have to say it does use every cliche in the book) but they do it well, so in my opinion this passes as a horror film in its own right. The film ended up grossing little by mainstream standards but quite well as far as B grade horror goes and spawned a fair few sequels.

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