Year of Release2009
DirectorDavid S. Goyer

I hadn’t seen or heard much about The Unborn. For my timeline this is a modern horror movie. The story opens with young university student who is having bad dreams about a demonic or stillborn baby. She’s a baby sitter but things start getting weird when the dreams start to translate into real life. A young boy (who is played by the actor that does ‘brick’ in Malcolm in the Middle) she is babysitting assualts her and tells her “John” wants to be born now.

Casey has a night off and her dad is out of town so she invites her boyfriend over. The weirdness keeps happening and Casey finds out she had a twin that died in utero. Further research indicates she has a grandmother in a nursing home. She shows her a picture of the boy she has been seeing in visions and the old lady reveals its her son. Is the son attempting to re-enter the world through the womb of young Casey? Well I’ll leave that upto you guys to find out by watching the movie yourself! But rest assured this is a great story with a harrowing backstory.

Over all this The Unborn is a pretty cool film. I enjoyed it from start to finish and it was a pleasant change of pace from the usual stuff I watch. The was some creepy moments and pretty cool horror effects in this too, I might add. Made even creepier by the fact my missus is expecting as well. Maybe don’t show this one to any pregnant ladies. Definitely better than a lot of modern horror. I’m not the only one that thinks so either, as the film grossed almost $80million at the box office.

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