The Unholy is a good bit of B grade pulp. If you don’t expect too much you won’t be disappointed. As anyone who paid attention to this blog knows I’m into the dark religious horror. This one kind of fits that mold. It also comes with fair serving of cheese.

The 80’s groove is strong with this one. The story revolves around Father Michael who has taken on a new parish. Hes a man in his prime who has devoted his life to god. Upon taking up a new parish, Father Michael investigates the murder of the priest who held his position before him which leads him to a night club where the owner, LUKE is supposedly the devil incarnate. Our young father takes a drug addicted teen waitress, Millie who works at the bar under his wing in an effort to protect her from Luke. Can father Michael get to the bottom of the murders? Can Father Michael resist the temptation of Millie’s flesh? I guess you’ll just have to watch the film to find out!

The Verdict on The Unholy

Over all, The Unholy is pretty cool. Its not in the same league as say the Exorcist or anything like that, but I found myself quite wrapped up in goings on. Its a good by of visual candy to occupy a couple hours on a weekend. The story holds together, the acting is actually pretty good. There’s heaps of hot 80’s babes who just can’t keep their tops on. Gloriously 80’s synth pop and hard rock punctuate the goings on all through the film. For the gore fiends there’s a reasonable level of gore, enough to keep most interested! There’s nothing particularly wrong with this film but it could have been really good with a little more work.

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