Well The Vampire Lovers is a saucy one! Produced by the Hammer Films teams from England and starring Peter Cushing this is cool little watch.

Cushing stars as an 18th century vampire hunter avenging the death of his sister. He finds himself at a large German manor with a female vampire, Camillia who is intent on seducing the other females, spreading vampire love and feeding off the locals. This of course lends its self to a fair helping of female nudity and lesbian scenes. The female vampires look absolutely stunning. Its basically worth it for just the eye candy alone. The violence and horror in this film is fairly tame so if you can deal with the nudity and the boundary pushing lesbian scenes, this movie isn’t really that heavy going.

Its a little easy to forget what the hell is actually happening with all those distracting female vampires hanging around. Overall the dialogue can seem a little slow at times but its my only real criticism of The Vampire Lovers. But either way its a simple plot and the English feel that hammer films have (Despite the movie being set in Germany) and lavish production really set this one off nicely!

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