The VVitch

Well this is certainly a change for me! After all the retro movies I’ve been reviewing here we come screaming into the present  with “The VVITCH”. To fair its set in 16th Century New England. A time when witchcraft related paranoia was at its height so it doesn’t really seem like a modern film anyway.

The film itself carried a lot of hype. Does it stack up? Yes, it is lavishly shot and the production values are impeccable and the period costuming and “ye old english speak” is to my reckoning faultless.  It gave the whole deal an air of authenticity about it.                 

The action takes place on a New England farm. The crops are failing and the family can’t provide care of their five children. To make things worse, their new born infant has been kidnapped and murdered by a witch lurking in the nearby forest. Later on another child goes missing and reappears only to fall under a mysterious curse (possession) and more mysterious happening ensue. Bit by bit the family start to turn against each other on suspicion of their elder daughter falling under the spell of the devil, whilst their faith in the big guy upstairs as well as each other is tested.


Overall The VVitch is a pretty engrossing affair and well worth the watch. It’s more of a thinker as the period dialogue does require some concentration to absorb what’s going on properly. As far as the movie itself goes its not a gore fest by any means. More disturbing is the fact that many people actually took their religion that seriously and allowed it to rule their lives. The film itself is rather believable and and never falls into cheesyness and for that I commend it.

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