Year of Release1968
StarringChristopher Lee, Natasha Kinski

To The Devil a Daughter isn’t the fastest paced of films but its a pretty cool watch. I tend to like religiously themed horror movies so this was right up my alley. Produced by the much esteemed institution “Hammer Films” I knew this would be of at least reasonable quality. Starring Christopher Lee at his usual greatness and Natashja Kinski making a beautiful and sultry Nun,

The plot follows occult/horror writer (John) who after a signing goes to pick up a friends daughter, Catherine from the airport. The daughter had been born part of religious sect “The Children of the Lord’ that worships a demon, Astoroth. The cult lets the daughter out once a year to see her father but he manages to convince John to spirit her out of the cult and of course the cult send a couple of head honcho’s after their missing member and are prepared to Kill John, and his father or anyone else who gets in the way in order to get back Catherine. Now, you may ask yourself why is Catherine so important to the cult? I guess you’ll just have to watch the film and see!

Over all I thought To The Devil a Daughter was pretty cool, and its shot in that old English style typical of the 70’s. The performances are great and the musical score underpinning the whole thing is really well done as well… Overall, whilst not a classic is a very worthy watch!

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