Year of Release2008

After stuffing around for 12 years I finally got to checking out the series “True Blood”. I wasn’t going to buy this at $30 a season, but I found the first 4 seasons real cheap. A second hand shop find at $2 per season thank you very much! I figured if I hated it, no big loss. At least I would know either way without breaking the bank.

Well I put in the first couple of episodes into the DVD player to check this thing out. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The story line was cool enough and the action and dialogue held my interest from the start.


The show revolved around New Orleans where there is a rich culture of vampire activity stretching back a couple hundred years by the looks of things. The locals have come to terms with the vampires being there. Some have even mingled and had affairs with the local vampire folk. This allows for some pretty raunchy action (vampire movies are good for that) and the violence is quite well done as well. There’s no major names in this series, but that’s kind of cool too, as it allows the viewer to focus on the story rather than the actors. But they are all rather good looking so there’s some definite eye candy there for both the boys and girls!

For now it’s a bit hard to tell where the action will go but it’s a great watch for what it is. The action moves along well, it’s a bit hard to tell too much without giving away the plot. I’m not huge on vampire stuff so to keep me entertained for the first few episodes was a reasonable achievement. It follows a lot of the usual vampire lore, but the series if of course an entity unto itself. One thing I found interesting is that a human that drinks vampire blood, also benefits and becomes like a supercharged human. So the vampire human relationships benefit both parties.

Besides finding this on DVD I’m not sure how else you can get this series, or if it’s on one of the streaming services or not. If you can find True Blood at a reasonable price it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m going to keep watching more of this series!

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