Year of Release2009
DirectorYoshihiro Nishimura, Naoyuki Tomomatsu

After a long break it’s good to be back watching some horror flicks, this time round it’s Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. I find japanese horror well the stuff I’ve seen anyway a little hard to follow, this this one was a little easier. I don’t know if its cultural differences (especially in how they portray western culture) or if they’re doing it deliberately.


The movie revolves around a young schoolgirl, Monami (Vampire Girl) who has a crush on her classmate, a boy called Jyugon. Her classmate however seems to be spoken for by another girl in his class (Keiko). To be fair I couldn’t tell if they were a couple or it’s just that both girls want this guy. Regardless Vampire Girl gifts him a chocolate that is contaminated with her blood. When he consumes it he of course starts to develop vampire tendencies. Now Frankenstiein girl has a father that is conducting experiements on deceased bodies trying to bring them back to life (like his name sake) underneath the school building. Her father sets his sights on Monami after he figures out something weird is going on with her blood. Who wins the heart of Jyugon? Is the doctor able to recreate life? Watch the movie and find out!!!

As with all the Japanese horror I’ve seen the gore is over the top, spectacular but over kill. There are some amazing visuals, truely twisted creations I’ll call “flesh scupltures” that basically make the movie worth it on their own. There’s also a lot of cute Japanese school girls if thats something you’re into as well. My only real complaint about this is that the plot was a little disjointed for my liking but that may be a thing with Japanese horror. Too many distracting scenes. I guess if you look at it less like a serious movie and more of a gore-fest you’ll probably get more out of the film. Either way, I have to say I had fun watching Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl though!

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