Year of Release1974
DirectorJosé Ramón Larraz

Vampyres as a vampire film doesn’t particularly stand out. There are many better than this one. As pornography it doesn’t really stand out either. When you mix soft porn and vampires into one film you have a formula for success that is hard to beat.

In all seriousness this barely even qualifies as soft porn.  It’s a rather thin plot that revolves around  couple of rather attractive lesbian vampires that lure men into their web/home and proceed to suck out their souls. I get the horror involved but unfortunately part of me (well one part in particular) feels a little jealous of these guys. What a way to die! PICK ME NEXT!!!

Some rather attractive babes from the 70s star in this one from a time when girls on film had natural knockers and pubic hair. It kind of has that Hammer film vibe but also that Roger Myers exploitational vibe as well. It’s well shot I have to admit. The problem is with all those giant natural knockers from the 70’s floating around its kind of hard to focus. Maybe it wasn’t that well shot.  Who knows really

Basically if you’re male (or female) fan of boobs and vampires the movie, Vampyres is pretty cool. Just don’t expect to come out any smarter for having watched it.

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