Year of Release1999
StarringJamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin

Virus is yet another movie I bought on a punt. Mainly because it had one of my all time favorite scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis in it. At least if it sucked, she’s always worth a look.

Virus opens up with a sequence of a Russian sea ship that is seemingly ‘infected’ by an interstellar entity. The story really kicks in following the story of a captain (played by Donald Sutherland) and his crew (Including Jamie Lee Curtis and William Baldwin) who stumble across the abandoned wreck of the aforementioned ship on international waters. This means they can salvage and sell the wreck legally (a finders keepers type rule of the sea). This will set themselves up financially for life.

Our crew of mercenary sea-farers manage to board the sea ship and start up the computer system. They also find a sole survivor who warns them of a dark secret the ship holds. It seems the intelligence system on board the ship had taken on a life of its own (I guess in a similar way to Skynet from the Terminator series) and taken over the ship. Without going into too much detail this does make for some interesting horror eye candy. A great excuse for the FX team to spread their creative wings so to speak. The “terminator” comparisons don’t stop there as the computer system starts to manufacture its on robots / cyborgs.

Over all Virus is a cool watch. With the star power that this movie has (and I assume the associated budget) you’d expect reasonable to great things from this movie. It’s does deliver more or less. It’s not an all time classic but its pretty cool over all and a great watch! Not sure how hard this movie is to track down but if you can find it, its well worth watching especially if you manage to find it cheap.

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