Oh yeah! Another find in someone else’s “to go” collection that went out the door. Out the door and straight into my waiting DVD shelving. I hadn’t seen Warlock since the days when VHS rental stores ruled the suburbs. Needless to say, it was great to get another look at this bad boy on DVD!

I’m going to call main man, Julian Sands “Mr. Creepy” from here on in. Everything I’ve seen this guy in creeps me right out. I have to say in Boxing Helena he REALLY disturbed me. This one, though much earlier on in the peice, is still high on the creep factor. I don’t know if it’s the way he looks or carries himself, but I would not ask this guy over for dinner.

The Plot of the Warlock

The plot centres in on both our warlock (Julian Sands), and the witch hunter (Redfern) that follows him back from 17th century New England. Previously thought vanquished, our warlock antagonist finds himself in modern day Boston 300 years removed from his original death sentence. He is looking for pages in a long missing manuscript (grimoire). Of course finding said book pages means causing as much grief and bloodshed as possible along the way.

Witch hunter Redfern follows him forwards from the 16th century to stop him from wreaking havok on a new world. He is aided by Kassandra (With a K) played by the well cute Lori Singer. After the Warlock kills Kassandra’s flatmate the pair go after him, but Kassandra is placed under a spell that ages her 20 years in the space of one day. Time is running out at a rapid rate for both her and Redfern as they attempt to reign in the warlock. Without giving away the plot, what ensues is entertaining, morbid and extremely watchable.

The Verdict

The Warlock is a film from a time gone by. A great time. It is not as gory as some of the films nowadays (though it does have some squeamish moments) but it is a highly entertaining watch. I really enjoyed seeing this again after so many years and can only wholeheartedly recommend this to any fan of 80’s horror. Really most horror fans should dig this, but for my generation it should hold a special place.

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