Year of Release2014

I really didn’t expect too much from a movie called “Wolf Cop”. It basically looked like “Teen Wolf” but as a cop. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This still falls into the B Grade category but it was rather entertaining and the film itself was reasonably well done. It certainly didn’t feel like the insult to intelligence that some films can fall into.

The film follows the exploits of country town cop/sheriff Lou. Lou is drinking too much and it’s starting to affect his work as an officer. Rumours of an occult group operating in the area and stalking / killing pets  are starting to surface and Lou of course has to investigate. Some strange mysterious occult incidents occur. A local politician is killed and Lou starts to grow hair in places he wasn’t growing hair before. You guessed it, Lou starts taking on wolf-like qualities

As is to be expected with Lou’s nighttime transformations, the body count starts to rise. Lou (and the other police officers) find themselves in the predicament of investigating the killings without realizing it was Lou as a werewolf. Lou comes to the realization he is indeed the wolf and decides to become Wolf Cop and fight crime as a superhumanly strong wolf.

Anyway the plot moves fast enough to keep it interesting. Some genuinely funny moments, some cool plot twists, an erotic interspecies love scene and some really cool horror effects. There’s something for everyone! There’s  not a lot to really complain at all so what you are left with is a pretty cool horror movie! Definitely worth a view if you see it somewhere on the cheap!

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