Year of Release1994
DirectorMike Nichols
StarringJack Nicholson. Michelle Phiffer, James Spader

Wolf is Werewolf movie. I have to admit I’m not really into werewolf movies. With this one I had to eat my words a little. From a production and acting point of view is far superior to any others of the genre that I’ve seen and didn’t really like as much. Starring Jack Nicholson, Michelle Phiffer and James Spader the star power in this on is pretty hard to top.

The film revolves around Will (Nicholson) who is bitten by a wolf. After the incident, Will starts to notice strange thing happening to his body. He feels both his mental and physical senses getting stronger. He can hear and smell better, his metal acquity is stronger as is his physical form. basically Will is ageing in reverse, getting stronger and younger with every day passing. He figures out he’s being had by his wife and work and plots their downfall. his plan comes off perfectly and he meets a new and younger woman, Laura and begins to form a relationship with her.

Of course being a werewolf places complications on the relationship as Will begins to roam the streets and night hunting prey when the transformation takes its hold. Can Will get his other self under control and be with Laura? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Overall I really liked Wolf. Its a classy affair and will appeal not only to horror fans but a wider general audience as well. The cast all put in amazing peformances. Michelle Pheiffer looks stunning and Nicholsons personality comes through rather brilliantly. There’s really nothing to fault with this movie. Its well produced and entertaining the whole way through!

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