Year of Release2003
DirectorRob Schmidt
StarringEliza Dushku

Wrong Turn is one of those films that I couldn’t remember if I’d seen it before or not. Either way it was a great ride for a lonely winters night with a few beers to keep me company. Wrong Turn features the incredibly cute Eliza Dushku, which instantly won points with me! Reason enough to buy it just for that.

Filmed in 2003 this one predates the Remake of “The Hills have Eyes”. I can’t help but wonder if this film prompted the remake of said film. It has a similar feel to The Hills have eyes and shares many of the same plot devices like the inbred / mutant hillbillies that go around killing and cannibalising anyone unlucky enough to get ‘stuck’ in their town. In this case its a bunch of college students who fall prey to the deformed hill folk who trap them and one by one attempt to kill them.

This is what I’d call fairly high impact horror, the gore is sadistic and over the top. Maybe not the best choice for the new comer to horror but for those who’ve seen a few horror films, you’ll love it.

The Verdict on Wrong Turn

If you’ve seen any films like this before you can probably guess how this one works out. There’s no real surprises here. What separates this from the multitude of films just like it is the quality of both the movie and the violence contained within. The movie is quite well shot, the acting is as good or better than it needs to be for a flick like this. What puts this above others is the gore. The gore is absolutely top shelf, and the movie is quite riveting. It’s not an original formula by any means, but this movie never gets boring. Its immensely watchable and enjoyable.

Anyway it would appear I wasn’t the only one that liked Wrong Turn either as the film grossed a modest by mainstream standards, but still impressive $28 million by horror standards (impressive for a horror movie with this level of extremity). It has also spawned a whole bunch of sequels and a remake scheduled to have either come out real soon or just been released. Sequels I will start attempting to track down as I can in the hope they live up this one. We all know they probably won’t, but for the enjoyment I got out of this one, I’m willing to take the punt.

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