Year of Release2014

Wyrmwood is an Australian made horror flick. What separates this from the multitude of zombie flicks before it you ask? Well not that much to be honest. If you’ve seen a million zombie flicks before this may not be the ground breaking experience you were hoping for. It is however a pretty cool attempt at injecting a little freshness into what can be a stale genre at times. While it doesn’t add anything ground breakingly new to the genre the zombies have been done really well, and gore effects are top notch. A definite step above many zombie flicks that came before it.


Plot wise it centres around a few unrelated Aussies in the outback who find themselves knee deep in a newly formed zombie apocalypse. Many gratituous zombie killings follow as the few left alive band together in the hopes of staying staying that way. Pretty standard fare really plot wise but its the classic dialogue moments that could have only come from an Aussie flick that make this stand out. Classic one liners from an ocka Aboriginal bloke like “Thats fucked eh?” ¬†and some very casual Australian moments when faced with a zombie holocaust really add an air of Aussie humour to the whole thing.

The actors are unknown to myself but overall its a pretty convincing attempt at a zombie flick and well worth a watch. Is it a classic? Nope, not by any stretch but Wyrmwood is indeed worth a watch and good fun from start to finish. Also good if you have friends around a want to have a few beers. Missing the odd moment of this won’t ruin the story continuity either and you all may get a few chuckles out of it too.

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