Year of Release2022
DirectorTi West
StarringMia Goth, Jenna Ortega

X, Starring the well cute, Mia Goth this was something I had to see as I’ve developed a bit of a crush on her of late. Mia Goth is playing her usual sultry/sexy offbeat role that she normally seems to get cast as. Also of note, is the always cute Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams from the hit Netflix series). I’m used to seeing Ms Goth in sexier roles, but have to say it’s a little strange seeing Jenna Ortega in a more “Adult” role than what I’m used to with Wednesday. We’ve definitely got some star power in this film. Does it live up to the potential the film offers? Well, yes. The film is well shot, the story is engrossing and everything from a production point of view is pretty cool. There’s also some really arty shots which add to the sultry-ness of the film. This is a well crafted and created story.


The movie itself opens up with a couple of cops arriving at a grizzly murder scene. Obviously the aftermath of proceedings in the film. It then backs up to main character, Maxine, (Mia Goth) finishing up after a late night shift at a local Texas nudie bar in 1979. The owner of the club then decides to pack the girls up into a van and head over to California with the goals of making it big in the adult film industry.

Anyway further into the story the gang stop at an old farmhouse on the way to California. This is where the usual horror movie vibe really kicks in. Of course they decide to film a scene or two there. This of course goes against the puritan beliefs of the locals, especially the elderly couple they rent the house off for the night. During their filmmaking activities, the girls attract the attention of the property owners, in particular the old lady Pearl (also played by Ms. Goth), As you can imagine the mayhem starts. I won’t spoil the surprises, but any experienced horror watcher will be able to guess where it goes from there.

Mia Goth, the Star of X

Jenna Ortega from Wednesday


I really enjoyed X and I would give it a full recommendation for anyone into horror / thrillers. If you can imagine a cross between the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Boogie nights, you’ve got an idea where this film sits. Gore wise, its not a constant gorefest, but when it happens there’s some pretty confronting scenes. There’s also a few full on sex scenes as well (for fans of female nudity its worth admission/purchase price alone to see Mia Goth get her kit off). So might not be one to watch with kids or sensitive folk around you. Enjoy!

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