Year of Release2014
DirectorJordan Rubin

As you’d expect with any film called Zombeavers this is nothing to be taken too seriously. The plot line is fairly simple. For that reason you can watch it if you’re recovering from a big night or having friends around for a chat without missing any necessary plot details.

Basically the plot revolves around 3 teenage girls who decide to go away for the weekend. They go to a cabin in the woods one of the girls family owns. The peace and quiet is of course interrupted when the respective boyfriends of the girls follow them there and get up to the usual teenage hijinks. The beavers who inhabit the local woodlands have been mutated by a strange chemical into blood thirsty zombie beavers. Thats where things start to turn grim.

There’s a good amount of gore. there’s also a few almost obligatory ‘beaver’ jokes in Zombeavers to keep everyone happy. Really the film isn’t that bad at all. In fact its quite enjoyable if you just want a simple gore feast that you don’t have to think too hard to watch. It certainly isn’t an all time classic and I don’t know how well this one would stand up to repeated watches but for what it is. I was happy enough with it. Basically tune it. zone out. Enjoy.

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