Year of Release1980
DirectorMarino Girolami

I honestly thought I’d already reviewed this bad boy, but apparently not. Anyway it was a great excuse to chuck this one back in the DVD player and give it another airing. Lets face it, it had been a while since I watched Zombie Holocaust, so it was like watching a new movie. I couldn’t really remember what happened in the movie anyway.


The film opens up with a hospital warden or cleaner stealing a hand off a corpse that was intended to be dissected in a medical lesson. Turns out this has been happening a bit around the hospital. Straight from the onset you can tell this is going to be a great slab of Italian gore.

Anyway the local newspaper catches wind of the strange goings on and sends someone to interview one of the young female doctors. Meanwhile our cleaner is back at it mutilating and cannibalising the internal organs of the corpses. He gets busted and to avoid capture, jumps out the window to his death on the sidewalk below. The aforementioned doctor is also well versed in ancient cultures. She recognises the trademarks as belonging to an Asian tribe of cannibals. She later returns to her apartment to find someone has stolen an artifact belonging to the same tribe of cannibals she had hanging on her wall.

Anyway The doctor, a university worker the reporter and her husband head off to Asia to visit the tribe. Why? I’m not really sure. One would it have been easier to just stop hiring members of the cannibal tribe? But thankfully they do go over there, otherwise the movie would have ended rather early 😀 ! It’s not long before the natives realise there’s some fresh meat in town. Let’s face it, the young doctor is certainly a dish! Anyway if you’ve seen any other of these cannibal flicks, you can probably take a good guess at what happens one our researchers hit the jungles. The usual cannibal goodness and gore ensues. You’d think by now I’d be sick of this stuff, but no! Anyway there is another element to seperate this from the pack, and that’s the inclusion of zombies running around the forest.


The gore levels in Zombie holocaust are suitably high. The guts and gore is very realistic looking, this is not one for the squeamish to be watching. The movie itself holds its own with the heavy weights of the genre (Like Cannibal holocaust) so if you like that kind of stuff you’ll know just what to expect with this one. As a movie I’d go so far as to say it’s probably a better movie than Cannibal Holocaust, but a little easier on the gore. It was pleasure to watch I’d fully recommend any fans of the more extreme side of horror to check this out. My only complaint is that some of the zombies looked a little half-arsed but other than that I loved this!

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