Year of Release1984
DirectorJohn N. Carter

This was one movie I’ve been waiting to see for a long time. Not because its an all time classic or some sort of milestone in horror but because I had a copy of it on VHS that I was never able to play and curiosity has been biting at me for years to see this movie. I finally by chance found a guy on line that was selling a VHS of this and managed to get it at a good price so here we go!

I have to confess I wasn’t sure what the plot of Zombie Island Massacre was actually about. It was a cheaply made movie but it opened with a quite voluptuous blonde woman having a shower. This got me interested almost immediately. Its funny to think about this when you’re having a perve on some chick from 1984. Those things could well be sitting around her knees by now.

Plot wise there’s not a lot going on with this one. A bunch of tourists decide to go holiday in the Caribbean and witness a strange voodoo ritual. From this point a priest brings back someone from the dead and then kills the “re-animation”. For some reason they start coming back and preying on the tourists. There’s some reasonable killings and semi-decent amounts of gore in this for the gore hounds. But nothing too extreme or cutting edge.Something that should be pointed out is that this isn’t a “Dawn of the Dead” type zombie movie, but rather those zombies that come back from the dead in bizzare voodoo rituals. Sort of similar to “I eat your skin” and “White Zombie”. In fact the movie has a similar feel to “I eat your skin” whilst obviously with a more modern feel. Like a 1970s flick but filmed in 1984.

Overall this movie isn’t anything special. It probably would have been better if you watched it sometime around when it came out, but sadly I’m watching this 40 years after it was made, and it doesn’t really hold up to the movies out now or the better movies of the time. There’s a lot of movies you should be watching before you worry about Zombie Island Massacre. Not to say its bad. It’s just not essential, or even recommended viewing. But if you’re bored and need an easy zombie / horror fix, this could be the ticket.

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