Month: July 2017



Well Razorback was an interesting find. I inherited a whole bunch of VHS tapes from a friend and while I had throw most of them out there were some gems in there. This one being one of them….

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Stephen King's IT

Horror author Stephen King and the movie IT are mainstays of the horror genre. His work has inspired many fledgling writers, directors, metal bands the world over.  Stephen King’s IT is considered a classic of the genre. I’ll…

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House on Haunted Hill

House on Haunted Hill is a vintage horror film from 1959. It is of course shot on black and white film.  Featuring the considerable talents of Vincent Price you know this one will be great! Price is of…

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THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – the next generation (1994)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation

THe Well, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Next Generation is an interesting film. I’m not sure on the continuity of this one, and how it relates to part 1 and 2. Is it a reboot or a…

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