Year of Release1990
StarringTim Curry
Original Story byStephen King

Horror author Stephen King and the movie IT are mainstays of the horror genre. His work has inspired many fledgling writers, directors, metal bands the world over.  Stephen King’s IT is considered a classic of the genre. I’ll be honest and say, I don’t think it’s a classic. I think its a cool movie, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it. The movie is well written and engrossing  but be warned its a hefty watch weighing in at over 3 hours in length. Make sure you have the whole afternoon or night free to watch it. I understand it was originally released on TV as a two night movie special in 1990 which as a TV special would have been really cool. As a stand alone movie I think it does loose a little but that’s just my opinion.


The plot revolves around a ‘losers club’ of kids in in high school whose inner most fears have manifested themselves in the form of a homicidal clown called ‘Pennywise’.  Pennywise the clown represents something much more sinister than just a clown, being more a supernatural being that has played a part in the town of Derry’s history over hundreds of years murdering kids. I’m sure this is the start of the ‘creepy clown’ phenomena, and Tim Curry pulls off the role rather well. The story takes place in two time frames, when the kids are young and again 30 odd years later as they re-unite as middle aged adults to hopefully destroy the malevolent / supernatural clown once and for all.


Plot wise Stephen King’s IT is quite detailed with numerous subplots. The movies delves into each of the kids lives as both children an adults (way too many to go into here). It does keep the viewer interested rather nicely through the film despite the length. As a TV film its well developed but obviously bear in mind the gore factor is quite low so it does come across a little ‘soap opera’ ish. Over all its pretty cool and I’m glad I finally got around to watching it!

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