Year of Release1984

Well Razorback was an interesting find. I inherited a whole bunch of VHS tapes from a friend and while I had throw most of them out there were some gems in there. This one being one of them.

I never managed to catch Razorback before. Time to remedy that. It was with bated breath that I loaded this one into my ‘state of the art’ 6 head Hifi VCR and prepared to absorb the movie in all its grainy VHS glory.


Once one’s eyes adjust to the analogue / grainy-ness of said tapes, this was a pretty cool watch. It was shot in the Australian outback and I have to say is a fairly entertaining watch. If it was a happier film it would be a great tourist brouchure. It kind of reminds me of the “Dingo Ate My Baby” case of the 80’s revolving around Azaria Chamberlain (not sure if it was loosely based on that story or not). This story however, revolving around a strange mutant breed of pig/boar that is twice the size and killing power of a normal pig that dragged an infant off to be eaten in a grizzly death. The case goes to court and the grandparent that is supposed to have been looking after the child is acquitted.  Even with the acquittal, no-body is sure of the existence of said razorback.

Fast forward a couple of years later we find an American journalist is on a mission to the Australian. She seeks to create a news story on suspected animal cruelty, carried out by Australian farmers (hunters). As it turns out said grandparent who has now become a full time razorback hunter and she gets a whole lot more than she bargains for with the Australian outback folk and the mutant pig. Over all that’s about all I can say about the plot without ruining it, but it does have enough twists and turns to keep it interesting and moving at a steady pace.


Overall a pretty cool watch and a great one for those who like Australian Horror. We don’t have a lot of it here, but its nice to see the ones that do get produced. It’s by no means a master piece but will appeal to fans of the movies Jaws, Cujo, The hills have eyes (for the creepy/rapey Australian outback folk). It’s obviously done on a smaller budget and with that feel that only an Aussie movie can have.

I thought it was a decent watch and had a fun watching it. The horror effects are all practical as this was before the time of CGI. The movie does not have a reliance on gore, but it’s a gritty watch none the less. It’s also a great chance to check out the Australian outback on film and marvel at Aussie slang and marvel our strange accents and euphamisms. I even joked to an American friend that this movie would be a great way to learn our language. Overall, definitely worth the time to watch.

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