Month: July 2020



Stigmata is one of those DVD’s I’d had sitting in the DVD collection for years but never bothered to put on. Shame, becuase it was a pretty cool watch. Not heavy on the gore but definitely entertaining with…

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Sleepwalkers is yet another Stephen King story put to film. I’ve not seen a bad one yet, so was quite excited to throw this one on! The film opens up on Charles Brady who has what looks like…

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Wolf is Werewolf movie. I have to admit I’m not really into werewolf movies. With this one I had to eat my words a little. From a production and acting point of view is far superior to any…

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Antrum was one of those films i’d heard about on the internet. Its background story is legendary. Billed as the “Deadliest film ever”. Tales of movie theatres spontaneously combusting killing all within whilst they were watching the film….

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