Year of Release1990
DirectorFrank Henenlotter

Basket Case 2 opens up right where Basket Case left off. Belial (the pint sized freak) and his brother Duane have survived the fall out of the apartment block and abscond from hospital. The pair recover at Ruths, a friend of their aunty’s house. Turns out she’s keeping a bunch of freaks there, including a female freak similar to Belial.

Their benefactors really seem to care for the mutants. they have a safe place to co-exist. Duane however wants to leave and experience life on his own. There’s also a persistent journalist that is hell bent on exposing the presence of the two brothers and other freaks. Can the freaks fight back? I guess you’ll have to watch the film for yourself to find out!

Now its up to Duane to make sure no harm or unwanted media attention befalls the commune of deformed creatures.

I found this one to be a bit corny but the freaks make for some great visuals. Basket Case 2 is a reasonable film but doesn’t really add anything I felt needed to be added to the original. This is something to pass the time I guess but it doesn’t particularly inspire me to watch part 3 either.

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