What are the best Cannibal movies you ask? Well I can only give you my opinion but I’ve watched a lot of horror movies in my time! The genre hit is stride in the late 70s / early 80s and to this day have provided some of the most extreme horror thrills for gore hounds willing to track these things down!


First up is Cannibal Holocaust the milestone by which all cannibal flicks have been judged. It’s also the milestone by which they will be judged for a long time to come. Known as one of the most extreme films ever its a harrowing journey of primitive cannibalism directed by Ruggero Deodato in 1980. The film was banned in more places than it was allowed to be seen and the violence contained within was so extreme that Deodato was actually brought before (italian?) courts on snuff movie charges. Legend has it, right before the hammer came down on Mr. Deodato some of the natives featured in the films were able to be tracked down and presented in court. The movie did raise a few moral issues about man and who the real cannibals / monsters were in the way that modern man treated the planet and his fellow man as well. See full review here. If you only watch one of the “Cannibal Genre” films this is the one to see! If you hate it, you can sleep tight assured you’ve seen the genre defining film.


This one is a bit tamer than Cannibal Holocaust but still a really cool movie. IF you’re new to this genre but still want some reasonably extreme gore thrills this is a good place to start! It features the stunning Ursula Andress (from “James Bond / Dr. No” fame) so this definitely makes it easier on the eyes too! Its the first cannibal film to my knowledge with a major name actor in it. It revolves around her and a team of scientists going into Papua New Guinea rather than the south American Jungles of other films. That plot variation aside this isn’t adding anything particularly new to the genre. It’s well done and not too hammy and overall a great watch. You can check out our review of the movie here Here


Another highlight of the genre for me. Directed by Umberto Lenzi another major player in the cannibal movie genre this one has survived the test of time and become a much sought after movie. In terms of extremity it is right up there with Cannibal Holoucaust, so don’t watch it if you’re squeamish or new to horror. The movie follows the trials of Sheila an heiress who is looking for her missing sister, who has joined a cult in the South American jungle. Surrounded by Cannibals you can imagine the horrors and great excuses for gore that follow! Lots of exploitive femail nudity as well 🙂 heheh! Eaten alive review here


This is a very early effort by American director Herscell Gordon Lewis. For my way of thinking it doesn’t matter whether you pick this one or Blood Feast (Released right before this one). H G Lewis was widely regarded as the “Godfather of Gore” as we was more or less the first person to show explicit gore in his movies. If we’re being honest the gore contained in this one is by todays standards, laughable. The movie is cool enough and a great watch. More importantly is the impact this guy had on the genre by opening up the use of actual gore (like dismemberments etc). The movie revolves around a small town of Southern Americans who invite outsiders to their town to their centenary celebrations. Sounds great but those guests aren’t invited for the main course… They are the main course! This may have also been responsible for the whole cult of “Hick town” cannibal movies that followed it! For the full review be sure to check out Full Review Here


This isn’t strictly a cannibal movie. Its a movie about a family that happen to be cannibals. But more importantly, it shot extreme horror into mainstream of cinema. Director Tobe Hooper worked with a minimal budget but turned it into the biggest success of extreme horror up until that date. The movie also faced its fair share of censorship issues but managed to see the light of day and to this day is considered a legend of horror and even a film that most non-horror fans would be aware of, it they haven’t seen it. Regardless it falls into the category of one of my most essential horror films of all time, let alone the cannibal genre. See Full review here


This is a modern film (well modern by my timeline, because I’m old.). Directed by Eli Roth this is not the greatest Cannibal Film ever made but a tribute to the genre. Roth pays homage to the classics of the genre in fine style. Some dismiss this film but I think it has a sincerity to it. Its also great to see what these films would have or could have been like if they’d been shot in the modern age with modern gear. Again this doesn’t have the same level of extremity as Cannibal holocaust or Eaten Alive but with modern filming technology and clarity maybe that’s a good thing! See our full review here Full review here.


OK, I think we needed something a little more light hearted to end this review. Matt Stone and Trey Parker (then film school besties, but later on the creative team behind South Park) bring you the first cannibal themed musical! Its schlocky as all hell. It also holds a strange kind of genius. I loved it. Its really had to write an entire movies worth of song and dance on the subject and these guys did it. Hats off to these gentleman!

Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts of the Best Cannibal Movies! There’s a few more honourable mentions like “Cannibal Ferox”, “Man from Deep River” and “Blood feast” which I think are all worth watching as well. But hey if manage to get your eyes around all the above you’ve done well!

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