Year of Release2016
DirectorChris Sun
StarringJohn Jarrett, Melissa Tkautz, Bill Moseley

Boar is an Australian Made horror film, not unlike the previously reviewed “Razorback” which also came from Australia around 30 years prior. I’m not going to say its a direct rip off but its very close. I mean how much different can two movie about an overgrown pig running around the Australian outback killing people really be? In this case I have to say not much. That’s not to say that this is no good. It is in fact quite good!


Basically this one’s pretty simple, there’s a great big wild boar roaming around in the outback killing anyone it comes across. None of the locals believe the accounts but bit by bit people are getting taken out by the boar. Its basically “Jaws” for the out back of Australia.

I have Razorback on VHS so it was great to see another killer pig movie in DVD quality. The movie starred John Jarret (of Wolf Creek fame) and Sarah Buchanan (Hey Dad), Ernie Dingo as well as Bill Mosely (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 corpses etc…), Steve Bisley, Melissa Tkautz well as a few other Australian actors I knew from soaps etc…. but couldn’t quite place. It also had a very minor bit role from an old facebook friend of mine, which is how first gained awareness of the film.

Razorback also had some rather rapey cringey moments in it, which this movie doesn’t have. It means you can watch it with your teenage kids without feeling uncomforatable. The gore is pretty cool, The pig itself, seems real in the practical effects vein. “Real” as in there actually is a pig construct not just a CGI construct which is a refreshing change. The gore is also top notch so it should cover the bases for most horror fans.

I have to say I had a lot of fun watching Boar. Its not a thinker but it is a lot of fun! Over all Director Chris Sun did a great job on this and I think he’s really done some great work on putting Australian Horror on the international map.

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