Bram Stokers Dracula

Bram Stokers Dracula is an immaculately shot and produced movie starring two of the most beautiful people on earth. Winona Ryder stars as Mina and Keanu Reeves as her husband to be Jonathon. This is lovingly voiced with period dialogue serving to make this a very authentic adaptation of an already classic tale of timeless love. Gothic imagery abounds and makes this a feast for the eyes as well as a great movie. I’d seen this many years before and was keen as hell to see it again!


Keanu Reeves stars as a  young lawyer (Jonathon) who is set with a task of meeting and sealing a deal with the wealthy Count Dracula. The count is buying up multiple properties in England. Jonathon has hopes of securing a large enough commission to able to take care of his wife to be (Winona) Jonathon ventures into Transylvania to meet with the count and is promplty trapped under the spell of the count. He ends up getting co-erced to staying the month. The Count, by the way, is perfectly cast with Gary Oldman. This is of course where it gets weird.

The weirdness then spreads to London when the count makes his way over to England. He sets his sights on young Mina whom the count believes to be his long lost love from centuries ago. At this point you either know the plot of Dracula or you don’t. I won’t go into too much more detail for fear of ruing the plot experience but rest assured it is an interesting watch from start to finish.


It is the attention to detail in this film that really sets it apart from other works. It lends itself to multiple viewings and sets it firmly in the realms of classic cinema. One thing that really strikes me is the way the producer (Francis Ford Coppola) used the shadows of the count to portray his supernatural existence. The magnificent wardrobe and sets are pure eye candy. The immensely captivating and the soundtrack perfectly conveys the creepy gothic horror feel of the film. The ladies are erotic and suggestive as all hell, which only serves to heighten the atmosphere of the film. This is magnificent viewing! I can’t say enough good things about this movie. It is not as full on gore as some of the movies reviewed here but either way I can’t recommend this one enough!

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