Year of Release1990
DirectorTim Burton
StarringJohnny Depp, Winona Ryder

Sometimes you just don’t feel like the hardcore gore onslaught. With that in mind, I put on an old fave that’s much easier on the senses, Edward Scissorhands. This one is directed by master director Tim Burton and stars two of my favorite people ever, Johnny Deep and Wynona Ryder. Tim Burton has excelled himself with movies in the past such as Batman / Nightmare Before Christmas / Sweeney Todd and Beetlejuice. He has an uncanny knack for creating some great gothic atmospheres and some captivating visual landscapes.


Plot wise this one revolves around Johnny Depp’s character Edward Scissor hands, who is discovered alone in his creepy mansion by Kate Bogg an Avon representative. Edward has ghastly pale skin, and scissors for fingers. She takes pity on poor Edward and decides to take him home. Edward has never left his house, he was created there by his “father” who passed away some time ago (incidentally played by Vincent Price). Obviously, having never left the house, Edward is different and he has trouble fitting in.

Edwards’s awkwardness makes him feel alienated from others in suburban life. Edwards peculiarities means he fast becomes a celebrity in the quaint little town. Despite the bullying, he eventually endears himself to the Bogg’s teenage daughter Kim (immaculately played by Wynona Ryder). The pressure to fit in weighs so heavily on Edward he would do anything to fit in. The neighbourhood kids take full advantage of this and involve poor Edward in some illegal activities. Does Edward get out of this? Does he win the affections of Kim? Well, I guess you guys will have to watch the film to find out!

The movie has a rare feel of comedy, happiness, sadness while portraying the creepiness of real life in the suburbs. So many emotions are hard to roll into one film.


Overall Edward Scissorhands is a brilliant movie. It is masterfully crafted and executed by a genius. Everyone in this puts in a brilliant performance. Especially Depp and Ryder. The production is perfect. The visuals are beyond brilliant. The musical score fits the movie and heightens emotions brilliantly (Composer Danny Elfman also composed themes for some other big movies and the Simpsons). There’s nothing I can fault this film on. It is actually, pretty much the perfect film. Best thing is you can watch this one with anyone, kids, wives, elderly folk or even hardcore horror fans like yourselves!


Johnny Depp (A Nightmare on Elm St / From Hell) puts in an amazing performance as Edward Scissorhands.

The always beautiful Wynona Ryder as Kim, the teenage daughter whom Edward Scissorhands falls in love with.

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