Year of Release2000
DirectorJames Wong

Final Destination is a movie I hadn’t seen in a long time. So long in fact I couldn’t remember much about it, so it was like watching a new movie for the first time. The Movie starts off with a group of teens on a school trip to France. Sounds like a once in a lifetime trip for the kids, but main character Alex has a bad premonition that the plane is going to crash. He causes a disturbance on the plane and Alex and a few friends are kicked off the plane by staff. His friends are understandably pissed at him for ruining their holiday. Until of course the plane actually comes to grief and his premonition comes true right as the plane takes off.

Alex and his friends (well mostly Alex) as the only survivors of the incident then come under suspicion from the FBI, understandably too. Alex then faces backlash from friends as well. Not long after one of the survivors dies in a bizarre shower accident. Is it death reclaiming the souls that it was denied due to Alex’s premonition? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

The verdict on Final Destination

Final Destination is a well crafted film. It doesn’t rely on explicit gore, but there’s enough innovation in the deaths in this one to keep the sicko in all of us happy. It’s a fresh take on horror as well, not relying so much on a central character or villian. It’s easy to watch and keeps you invested in the film the whole way through. Great casting, story line and acting. A Quality effort all round. Director James Wong has done a great job with this film, and judging by the huge box office takings ($112 mil) I wasn’t the only one that thought so. The film has gone on to spawn 5 sequels and a possible series. I’ll definitely be up for a few more outings of this series!

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