Year of Release2004
DirectorAshley Laurence, Doug Bradley

Hellraiser – Hellseeker is a pretty cool movie overall. But I do have some complaints with it. Hellseeker is the sixth installment in the Hellraiser series, and I think it is below par when compared with the earlier three movies. Hellraiser movies had a certain feel to the them and this has the feel of an episode of CSI rather than a horror movie. This is undoubtably due to the lack of involvement of the visionary Clive Barker.

The story itself revolves around Trevor and his wife Kristy (the main character from the original Hellraiser). Trevor is a nasty piece of work, conducting multiple affairs and even conspiring with a friend to have Kristy killed. He then comes across the box (Lament Configuration) and unbeknownst to him the cenobites (well Pinhead anyway) use it as a means to get to Kirsty. Trevor attempts a reconciliation with Kristy and on a car trip crashes the car and the body of Kirsty goes missing. After Trevor regains consciousness he is questioned regarding the missing body.

Now to another complaint of mine with Hellraiser – Hellseeker. Pinhead barely appears for what would seem like 5 minutes of screen time. He’s an iconic horror character and it feels like his potential is under utilized. Only two of the other cenobites are briefly seen and that’s it.

Like I said the movie itself isn’t bad. It just does not excite or thrill like the original three movies did. The acting is cool enough, plot cool enough too. As far as gore goes there’s only really a couple of scenes (But pretty cool scenes) that scenes that separate this from a crime / drama film. There’s some cool twists and at the end it ties together well and you can see how this ties into the other films. But it still seems like they didn’t want to spend the time / money on casting the cenobites or using any real horror effects.

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