Year of Release1987
DirectorClive Barker
StarringAshley Laurence

Hellraiser is one film I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed here. Its been a long time favourate of mine since it came out it saw video release in the late 80s. From the genius mind of Clive Barker, this is one special film.


The story revolves around Julia and Larry who inherit a house after the death of Larry’s mother. He and his wife start moving into the house which is in a run down state. Julia however has not been nice and had an affair in the house years before with Larry’s brother Frank. Upon moving in they find Frank had been squatting in the residence. His current whereabouts unknown. It turns out Franks remains had been left in the crawlspace between the attic and the level below. An injury sustained by Larry bleeds all over the floor and reactivates the remains of Frank. Frank uses his sexual hold over Julia to convince her to find more victims to finish his resurrection.

The problem is Frank has escaped hell to come back to life. A group of hells tormentors called Cenobites want him back. This is where it gets awesome. I won’t spoil the plot for you any further than this.

THe story is wonderful. The horror effects are top notch. The acting is as good as it needs to be. There’s nothing I can really fault this movie on. The cenobites are iconic in design and execution and their leader “Pinhead” went on to acheive cult status being a staple in the series of 9 (so far) sequels to have been made. Hellraiser went on to become one of the most successful horror franchises ever.

All in all this is one excellent film and story. I fully recommend any of you watch it. It would be in my top 50 films of all time for sure, somewhere in the top 20 realistically.


Hellraiser is without doubt the best of the franchise in my opinion. I’ve reviewed some others here too: Hellraiser Deader (though these films don’t compare to the original). Also if you’re interested in other Clive Barker efforts Nightbreed and Midnight Meat Train are some good watches!

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