Year of Release1981
DirectorLucio Fulci

It was wasn’t until creating this blog that I became aware of Lucio Fulci, House by the Cemetery is the 3rd of his films I’ve seen and they’ve all been brilliant. Fulci is regarded as the “Godfather of Gore” along side HG Lewis. Fulci’s films however are of a much higher standard.

+ gain into the dvd player this one went and it was apparent from the start this was going to be a great ride. Well shot, nice camera work and those great synth horror sound tracks we all love. The screen play is quite gripping and it pushes what would appear to be an average plot well into the cult classic territory.

This movie, like so many others starts with a young family moving into a house with a past. A grizzly past. Things start to get weird when the young boy Bob starts communicating the the dead girl / ghost of the house. It’s not long before it becomes aparrent there’s an undead zombie under the house. Some violent and meaty killings ensue. One thing I like about about the Italian flicks is the levels of gore they thrown into a film (Probably more flamboyant than if this happened in real life). Some of it looks a little fake I have to say but its all good fun! Some great maggots too!

Over all, I think anyone that appreciates 70/80’s horror will appreciate House by the Cemetery. I really appreciate the Italian style of horror. Its different to the American style, and Fulci was definitely a genre leader. And this is an all round great watch.

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