Year of Release2007
DirectorDario Argento

Mother of Tears is one of Italian director Dario Argento’s later works. Argento’s work has always been at the more violent end of cinema and this one is no exception. You may be aware of Argento’s work in Suspiria which was a ground breaking film from the 70’s and Giallo a more recent film.

I have to admit I did not know this, but Mother of Tears is the third in a trilogy of mother based horror movies from Argento. Susperia being the first, and Inferno (which I haven’t yet seen) being the second.

Obviously Argento is a horror legend. This film further cements that reputation. The film is exceptionally well shot and cast and even features music by Cradle of Filth main man Dani Filth. One thing does bother me. Dario Argento casts his daughter in this film, a film that requires both nudity and a lesbian scene. His daughter Asia Argento is a stunning creature, so I have no problem with this but it still strikes me as odd. I’m sure you all know what I mean by that.

Plot wise the film centres in on an ancient box unearthed from a tomb that contains objects that when possessed by the mother of tears renders her already formidable powers god-like. The ancient find is then shipped off to Rome to be studied. The Mother of Tears then sends her minions to reclaim the artifacts with some horrifically gory results. All of this is set to a horrific background of Rome falling apart at the seams as it descends into insanity and violence. Is she able to take back what was once hers and achieve her true powers? I’ll of course leave that to you to watch and find out for yourself!

We all know Argento is no stranger to gore, and this film is pretty hard hitting. He really brings the goods in this film, upping the level of violence from anything I’ve seen of his.


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