Year of Release2016
DirectorMike Flanagan

Time again for this weeks horror film. Ouija Origin of Evil gets a spin this time around. This movie is the second and at this point only sequel in the series. This movie is set in the late 60’s. I’m not entirely sure if it’s meant to be a prequel to the original Ouija movie or just another story based around the ouija board but either way its definitely worth a watch.


The movie revolves around Alice, a widower who is making a living grifting people as a medium. Alice doesn’t really believe in what she does, but things change when Alice starts using a ouija board in her readings. Unfortunately her daughters start using it and the younger daughter Alice manages to contact an entity. Her family and school don’t realise the extent of what’s going on until Doris starts handing in homework that is far beyond her junior years. She tells of a ‘friend’ that is helping her with her homework. Doris finds a stash of money in the basement, she says “Daddy told her” through the board. Alice is about to loose the house so the money is going to come in really handy.

Alice now realises something real is going on with the board. She intends to use it for good but it possesses Doris. Anyway I won’t go too much further into it for fear of ruining the plot but rest assured this one is pretty good. All i can say is get out there and find yourself a copy of this and watch it unfold for yourself.


Overall, I don’t find Ouija Origin of Evil to be any better or worse than its predecessor. I liked the original and I liked this one too. It’s an enjoyable watch and a more than worthy follow up to the original. As a film its quite well made and there’s nothing lacking. The story is great, production is great and there’s nothing that seems cheesy in this film. I’d recommend this or a watch for sure.


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