Year of Release2007
DirectorRob Zombie
StarringMalcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie

The Rob Zombie Halloween has copped a lot of backlash in the online world. I’ll start this review by saying John Carpenters Halloween is pretty much the perfect horror film. Zombie was always going to be up against it for remaking this one. Having said that I do think he added something to the mythology.

As with every Halloween it was time to gather the son and my now missus around and watch another instalment of this legendary series. The missus, not being a horror fan, fell asleep. My son who is almost an adult at the time of writing this, liked the film, but also knew the original was a superior movie.

Zombie’s version is a much grittier and violent version of the original. It spends a lot of time at the start of the film going into Michael Myers childhood and the reasons why he became the monster he did. I thought this was a great touch (my son did not). After that it pretty much follows on from the original story. Main differences being the violence is much more aggravated and graphic in this version. It is once we get back into the realms of the original movie that the skill that Carpenter has over Zombie becomes apparent. As most horror fans would agree, this does fall a little short of Carpenters masterpiece, but does this make it a bad movie? I would say absolutely not. It’s a great movie. Just not as good as Carpenters original vision.

For those that need a run down of the plot ( I wouldn’t imagine there’d be many of you) check out the review we did on the original movie HERE. I’d just be retracing old ground if I went through it again here.

Anyway for what its worth, I had a great time watching the Rob Zombie Halloween. If you’re a fan of the series, I definitely think its worth checking this out. Don’t expect it to be better than the original. I don’t think it was ever going to be, nor was it intended to be. I think Rob Zombie did a great job of re-working one of the all time classic horror films!

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