Year of Release1987
DirectorPaul Verhoven
StarringPeter Weller, Nancy Allen

This one might seem like a weird choice for a blog like this as the film fits more into the action genre, but the violence contained within puts it firmly in the realms of what “gorenography” is all about. Starring minor league actors Peter Weller and Nancy Allen this one relies on both plot, and acting rather than any level of star power. I’m a little biased towards this film as sits firmly in my top 10 films of all time. I think its the perfect mix of action, violence and bleak satire, with a emphasis on modern technology.


Robocop is set in the not too distant future where crime has run rampant in Detroit. The city has signed the law enforcement responsibilities over to a corporation called Omni Consumer Products (OCP) who have developed an innovative solution to stop crime. A Cyborg police officer. Originally the project was meant to feature a huge robot (ED 209) but some unfortunate glitches meant a back up project (Robocop) could be developed featuring a mix of robotics and human organics.

Murphy is a good cop and father. He is transferred to the crime ridden precinct of Old Detroit. On his first mission he is executed by a bunch of criminals. He dies on the operating table. The good folk at OCP are all too ready to use the body as the prototype for their Robocop experiment. Officer Murphy’s brain and heart are meshed with titanium cyborg shell and you have the final product, to use the films tag line, “Half man, half machine… All cop”.

Robocop proves and instant hit with the media and proceeds to single handedly and brutally clean up the crime ridden town. He begins to develop a sense of self awareness and embarks on a mission to round up the crime gang that killed him. After arresting the head of the gang he learns that the crime gang is run by OCP executive officer Dick Jones and sets about to bring him down. Does he succeed? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!


Robocop is an excellent film in my opinion. It is bleak, harsh and violent. It perfectly illustrates a society where big business has been afforded too much power. It also reflects a society where people have disconnected with each other and basically nobody cares anymore. There are a lot of layers to this film aside from the awesome action and visually spectacular robocop. This is a film that the more you watch it the more you will find in this film. The film has some of the greatest one liners in movie history. Packed with action and a great watch from start to finish. This is almost the perfect film for boys! Indeed it was mine when I was a teenager and I’d suspect I’ve seen the film more than 30 times.

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