Romasanta is another film bought on a punt. I’d never heard of this film before, but on closer inspection of the DVD box I saw it was co-produced by Brian Yuzna (Reanimator) and stars the always creepy Julian Sands.

Set in 1851 this based on a true story. The town of Allariz is under attack from wild wolves. It is then up to the town folk to start culling them. The Wolf is leaving victims dismembered and desecrated all over the country side. One by one the corpses are retrieved and it becomes clear the crimes are not only the work of wolves. Obviously a human has some part to play in this. Word spreads and it’s not long before werewolf rumours plague the town.

Are these killings simple wolf attacks for something more sinister? Its not long before the towns folk begin to suspect central character Manuel Rosamanta (Julian sands). Is he a werewolf or a vicious serial killer? I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Romasanta is lavishly shot and looks authentically 1800’s. The dialogue is cool too. This film is quite visually attractive in the way its shot and period costumes on display too. I didn’t think id really get into this one, but I enjoyed it quite a lot and would definitely recommend it pretty much any fan of horror. Gore wise its not at the extreme end of horror but there’s some pretty meaty autopsy scenes with may unnerve horror newbies. The film did get an “R” rating but I didn’t find it too off putting.

An enjoyable watch, not a classic but definitely worth checking out. A great way to spend a couple of hours. Julian Sands of course does a great job at his role. That guy is creepy!


Julian Sands in Boxing Helena

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