Year of Release
StarringCasper Van Diem, Danny Trejo, Linda Carter

Well this was a pretty cool little surprise, I had not heard of the movie Slayer before. The cover looked really shit, so I wasn’t holding out in any major way for this to be good. Luckily for this movie I didn’t know what else to watch and this one had been sitting around the house for 5 years. If features Casper Van Diem of Starship Troopers fame as well as Linda Carter (Wonder Woman from the 70s) and Danny Trejo (Machete – Whom we all know I have a man crush on) .If this was a few years later I’m sure they would have used Trejo’s bit part appearance to put him on the cover.


The action in this one goes alright too. If you liked starship troopers you’ll probably think this is OK too. the troop seem to be cruising through South America looking to slay vampires. They find themselves in all manner of bloody fight scenes with our fanged friends.

The action in Slayer is pretty cool, the movie moves alright as it needs to, and the acting is as good as a film like this needs to be. It’s actually not bad for a b-grade movie. It’s never going to be an all time fave, but I have to say I was happy enough to give it some time. The movie has copped a panning on other review sites, I’m hardly going to be singing its praises either but its a decent watch for those days when you got nothing to do. There’s even a bit of a moral at the end of the story if you can stick it out ill the end 🙂

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