Filmed in 1998 3 years after the original Species first blazed its way through the box office we have Species 2. Here’s one thing I’ve never really understood with sequels. You have a blockbuster (like the original species) it would seem only logical to come back with a superior product. Especially when you have the money in the bank from the first instalment and what would appear to be a ready made audience for the next one. I don’t think Species 2 was bad, but I do think it could have been better.


Having said that this isn’t a bad movie at all. The movie opens up with some Earth astronauts making their first official landing on mars. They pick up a sample of the dirt an head back home. It of course contains some alien DNA which comes to life in the shuttle. Back on earth the SETI team who originally created the SIL lifeform have created another genetic clone of SIL named EVE. It was good to see Natasha Henstridge return for this instalment I have to say. Henstridge does tend to keep her clothes on in this installment (for most of it anyway) but there’s no shortage of female nudity, given the plot and every chance to show some boobies is taken.

Anyway the sauciness of the first film is still there. With one of the returning male astronauts both infected with alien DNA. Just like SIL int the first film, desire to mate and reproduce is as strong as the original SILS so its not long before our male astronauts have bedded women and inpregnated them with their alien DNA. Its not long before we hear the pitter patter of tiny alien feet so to speak. More like alien tentacles though. EVE, being the genetic replica of her predecessor can feel the presence of the other aliens. Can the SETI team stop the infected humans from breeding all over the joint and having earth eventauly taken over by the far stronger offspring of said infected humans? I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!


The horror effects in this are not too bad. There was a little more money spent on this one than the original. It didn’t translate into a critical or box office response though. The movie not even covering its original cost.

Overall, Species 2 is a fairly reasonable film. Not a classic by any stretch but definitely worth a watch if you liked the original. Many of the original stars return to reprise their roles and overall this is fairly entertaining.

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