Year of Release2022
DirectorB. J. McDonnell
StarringDave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Kerry King (Slayer), Jenna Ortega

Well this one was a very pleasant surprise indeed! Studio 666 of course stars rock legend David Grohl from Foo-Fighters / Nirvana in a spoof on himself and the band. The move is of course written by Grohl. I like that Dave can make a joke out of himself as well as put out a convincing horror movie. From the moment you put the movie on the first killing lets you know you’re info something of reasonable quality at least. The credits come up and it seems Mr Grohl has enlisted the help of horror legend John Carpenter for the soundtrack as well. Instant cred points there my man!

The movie proper starts whereby the band are struggling to pump out another album. Dave’s creativity has gone down the toilet and the record label is pressing them hard for a new release. The band come up with the idea of recording in a long unused Hollywood house. The band pile in there and start recording. Another nice touch is their use of “Slayer” guitar player Kerry King as their recording tech. We’ll until he is horribly electrocuted.

The other members of the band think about vacating the premises but Dave wants to press on with the project. He discovers the recordings of the previous band to use the premises. Unbeknownst to Dave the band had all died in the house in the 1990s. On closer inspection it seems a bloody shrine is still being maintained by a mysterious gardener type figure hanging around the house. The blood from this shrine feeds a sinister “necronomicon” type book which possesses the inhabitants of the house. Do our musicians survive the house? Well, again thats a question best answered by watching the movie!


Studio 666 is a quite well done horror movie, that combines some star power with the band and some really cool humuorous moments. The gore is actually really good as well. Added to this a great heavy rockin’ soundtrack and you have the ingredients for a great horror movie. Over all this one is a quite well done horror movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The cast aren’t actors, they’re musicians but again they’re not attempting to act anything out of their range so basically no complaints at all from me in this movie. A very pleasant change and a movie that I’m really glad that I got to see

Studio 666 definitely gets the “horns up” from me.

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