Year of Release1990
DirectorTom Berry

The Amityville Curse

Marvin scores a great deal on a house. A rather large house, sure its in need of a little work but Marvin can’t believe his good luck. His wife isn’t so sure though. The couple invite some friend up to stay and help clean the joint up. Its not long before the weirdness starts to set in. This is of course the same house where Ronald killed his family in he original film. Since that time a priest had taken up in the house and been killed there as well. Its now 12 years later and poor unsuspecting Marvin has unwittingly bought into a set of problems the likes of which he’d have never thought of.

Debbie starts to investigate around the house, she is getting visions of the past horrors that happened within the house. Her husband of course being a psychologist doesn’t buy into this. An older woman (Mrs Moriarty) walks into the house and warns them of the horrors of the house. ITs not long before the others start to feel the same way and tension mounts within the group. Marvin of course still feels the psychological need to defend his purchase. bit by bit the locals warn them of the horrors but can our group get out? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!


The Amityville Curse is a pretty cool film. IT was panned by the “Critics” on Rotten Tomatoes with a lousy 16% approval rating. Its much better than that. True, it lacks the flair of the first film (but lets face it, that film was legendary) but still this film holds up alright.

The film was shot in 1990 from what I can gather but seems to have been shot on old film technology. I don’t know this for sure but it has that grainy film like feel. Definitely not the sharpness that films in the late 80’s/90s had at any rate. Maybe I have a bad transfer? It’s not all bad though. Infact it kind of gives the film an old school horror feel. I don’t mind this at all though it may bug others a little. It feels like a curious choice not to use the technology available at the time. Maybe the creative team were trying to re-create the atmosphere of the original film? Maybe whoever bankrolled this just wanted to go in as cheaply as possible by using old tech and no name actors? This could be why the film never got a cinematic release and went straight to video.

Another curious thing about this film is that it doesn’t seem to use the same house as the other films. According to the plot it is, but I’m pretty sure its a different physical house used for the set.

Be sure to watch the Amityville Horror and the Amityville Horror 2 they are both very worthy movies!

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