Year of Release1982
DirectorBurt Young

The Amityville Horror 2 is obviously the second installment of the series. It is however, set before the events of the first film. This one from 1982 centres in on the Montelli family who move into what they think is their dream house at a dream price.

Strange goings on ensue. The family begin to suspect there is something creepy going on in the house. It’s not long before tensions mount and the father, Anthony (played by Burt Young, who played “Pauly” in the Rocky films) looses his temper. He starts lashing out at the kids.

The supernatural theme present in the first film is also present in this film, but more pronounced. Where as the first film hinted at the entities in the house this one is rather more obvious. Shit starts to get really weird when the oldest of the children Scotty goes into what I’d call the sub-basement and discovers ‘life’ of sorts down there.

Little by little the family start loosing their minds. They start taking out their ‘demons’ (for lack of a better word) on each other. Some of the depictions of which may not be for the easily offended.

The Amityville Horror 2 is well shot and well scored with a killer soundtrack that really serves to heighten the suspense. The film as a whole held my interest the whole way through. While the levels of gore are not high the horror and creepiness factor is. This is a genuinely creepy film. More importantly it is a worthy follow up to the original classic.

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